Helios Maintenance


Choosing the Best Helios Maintenance Plan for Your Property

From shopping plazas and banks to medical centers and condominiums, Helios has a proven track record managing properties throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. Whatever the size of your property, there’s an affordable plan to fit your unique needs and budget. Our experienced maintenance technicians are on the job — so you never have to worry.

Variable Rate Program:

This economical program is designed for smaller companies requiring maintenance on an as-needed basis, with one technician assigned to a property. On average, this program can reduce costs from 20% to 35% and works best for tenants in shopping plazas, trade schools, sales offices, grocery stores or small businesses.

On-Site Management Program:

This full-service option is designed for larger properties that require a full-time maintenance technician. This program is ideal for buildings with 100,000 square feet or larger worth of space, commercial buildings, medical facilities, apartment complexes, retail properties or manufacturing facilities.

Mobile Maintenance Program:

With this program, one of our maintenance technicians will be assigned to you. Depending on the size of your property and the number of requests, we will determine an appropriate maintenance schedule. Our technician will then spend a set number of hours at the property. Properties designed for these services include residential properties and neighborhoods, medical facilities, retail shops, bank branches or condominiums.

The Helios H.E.L.P. Program:

With this unique, flexible program, you can keep your highly trained, experienced personnel employed at your property. Staff members of your choice will transition to Helios, and they'll continue to maintain your facility. In addition, they’ll be utilized to service other Helios clients during their available downtime. You'll enjoy lower overhead and maintenance costs since you're only charged for the time required for repairs on your facilities, instead of 40 hours per week. Properties designed for these services include stores with multiple locations and branches, including banks, grocery stores or retail shops.

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