Well-Designed Facilities management & Maintenance programs


Creative Planning Saves Money and Time

A well-designed Facilities Maintenance Program revolves around creative planning. At Helios Facilities Management, we plan ahead of time for your property needs to help protect your investments, save money and reduce total costs. Let Helios show you how creative thinking can lead to smart property solutions!

Preventive Maintenance:

Knowing when maintenance is needed allows us to schedule service ahead of time.

For example: Schedule air conditioner filter replacement every 3 months, so service happens efficiently and automatically.

Predictive Maintenance:

A data-driven approach allows us to predict maintenance needs and plan to reduce costs and amount of emergency work required.

For example: Software can help predict the life span of property equipment. Planning for the most economical replacement ensures that maintenance will not impact other business operations.

Reactive Maintenance:

Scheduling maintenance for the next property visit lowers the total cost.

For example: A carpet seam is coming loose in the common area of the property. Plan to complete the maintenance during the next visit.

Emergency Maintenance:

If a problem occurs unexpectedly, we react immediately.

For example: The main water line breaks and floods the restroom …it must be fixed NOW!

How Our Services Work:

A highly efficient process quickly addresses emergency needs while cutting out unnecessary trips. It also retains historical data for easy cost-tracking and work-order history. Custom reports can be generated on request.

Request the service needed with one simple phone call

Work order is immediately processed and simultaneously dispatched to the appropriate Manager & Technician

For emergencies … Mobile Technician dispatched immediately

For lower priorities … Repair/Service is added to the next scheduled visit

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